Dr. Dan Harrison – Founder & CEO, Harrison Assessments Int’l Limited

Dan Harrison, Ph.D. – Organizational Psychology. Dr. Harrison is the founder & CEO of Harrison Assessments Int’l Limited, Human Potential’s parent company.

Dr. Harrison is the developer of Harrison Assessments and originator of ParadoxTechnologyâ„¢ as used in Harrison Assessments. His diverse background in Mathematics, Personality Theory, Counseling Psychology, and Organizational Psychology has enabled him to make a unique and exceptional contribution to assessment methodology.

His 30 years of experience in Psychology and Assessment has enabled the Harrison Assessment tools to fulfill practical needs for recruitment, development and assessment. Dr Harrison’s’ ongoing world-wide travel gives him direct involvement with the needs of Harrison Assessments’ clients and exposes him to the appropriate practical application in a wide variety of cultures.

Click here to watch Dr. Harrison’s presentation in Los Angeles in February 2010. These “must see” videos provide clear insight into the future of recruitment – available now in the HA system.