Management Communication Workshop


  • Do you ever have to deal with difficult conversations in order to achieve your goals?
  • Have you ever wished to strengthen your skill to develop your staff more quickly?
  • Do you want to break through to new levels of performance in your career?


Delivery capabilities include the supply of technology, services, advisory and consulting in the following major pre and post-employment processes:


  • Selection
  • Development
  • Succession
  • Teamwork


After 50 years of hands-on research, a small group of experts designed a new workshop specifically to meet the needs of busy managers who are committed to maximising their own performance and the performance of their team.

You will learn:


  • Valuable skills to handle challenging mission-critical communications
  • Practical skills that speed up the resolution of knotty problems
  • How you can use an assessment report during a coaching conversation
  • How to practically apply the principle of Paradox to increase performance
  • Insight into your own greatest areas of strength and how to leverage them to boost your career


The workshop is hands-on, 80% experiential and personal
You will practice coaching under the skilful guidance of expert coaches, and will receive several hours of personal coaching yourself.

Launched in 2004 as a break through training in effectiveness it is appropriate for:


  • Managers
  • Coaches working with management
  • Trainers, HR Professionals and Consultants
  • Current and prospective users of Harrison Assessments
  • Anyone who wishes to create greater career success for him/herself or others


For more information, contact us at 852-3589-6969