Leadership Workshop

Our Leadership Workshop aims at enhancing senior executives to have a deeper understanding on self, their management and leadership style. As part of the workshop, we run Leadership Competency Assessments and individualized development plans for all participants. Also included are one on one sessions, that dwell further into tapping the potential of each participant.

We also add a suitability component to get better and more specific data of each participant’s role. The suitability component of each Job Success Formula evaluates how each staff compares to a complete set of proven suitability factors that are specific to the job function. These customizable factors include attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, and work preferences.

Also included are Five (5) Harrison reports per each participant. The reports are Job Success Analysis, Traits & Definition, Main Graph & Narrative, Development for Position, and Paradox Graph & Narrative.

For more information, contact us at 852-3589-6969