Our line of assessments offers a set of mutually supporting management consulting frameworks that enable our customers to optimize their Human Capital selection and development capabilities.

Our selection of assessments include:




Delivery capabilities include the supply of technology, services, advisory and consulting in the following major pre and post-employment processes:


  • Selection
  • Development
  • Succession
  • Teamwork
  • Engagement & Retention



We have an extensive library of job templates (what we call Job Success Formulas) to base our work on, in many cases we already have a Job Success Formula for any position you are striving to optimize in terms of either choosing an incumbent to fill a position of helping an incumbent make the most of their current position.
In most cases, we can service your requirement immediately.

We have developed full service, packages solutions based on feedback from our customers. These packages help our customers choose an application of our universe of solutions when projected against typical HR requirements and have proven very popular with our clients.

They fall into two groups:

  • Candidate Centric (specifically designed to focus on a particular participant of a pre or post-employment scenario)
  • Position Centric (specifically designed for situations where a large pool of potential incumbents must be narrowed down to a final candidate selection)